Someone Just Compared Lahore’s Food To Karachi’s & The Netizens Have Spoken!

Whenever it comes to the most promising cities in terms of food, people are often found debating between Karachi and Lahore! Some people think Lahore is the food capital of Pakistan while others believe it’s Karachi, and Twitter is at it yet again, trying to settle the debate:

The tweet has sparked way too much debate and here’s what people have to say!

Jo baat hai!


People were unanimously agreeing!

Islamabadis showed themselves out 😭

Even the foreigners had their say:

Be our guest!

It’s a whole new world!

Exactly, biryani has feelings too!

Shots were fired!

Yeh bhi theek hai:

Some Lahoris did have differing opinions:


Enough with the donkey meat jokes please:


Sach se kab tak bhaag saktay hain?

Some were convinced that the two can’t be compared:

People were appalled at so much truth in one tweet:

Han, batao!

Which city do you think is the Mecca of food in Pakistan? Let us know in the comments below!

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