Hum Style Awards Sparked Meme Fest On Twitter, Here Are The Ones We Loved!

This weekend we all got to witness the most coveted style awards of the year, Hum Style Awards, but unfortunately the celebrities and others disappointed the fans and twitter has exploded with memes!

Here are some of our favourites!!!

The winner!

Reactions were pouring in:


Someone compared Ali Xeeshan to Nastoor Jin:

Who wore it best?

People were comparing Alizeh Shah to the iconic Daffy Duck:

I mean…

ONLINE Shopping ka nateja…



Gigi Hadid in Pakistan

Eid Milan Party

That’s all!

Risky business:

A for effort 😂

Someone fixed the problems people had with Alizeh Shah:

What did you think of the memes? Let us know in the comments below!

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