Someone called Gulshan a ‘pahari ilaaqa’ and the comments will leave you in fits of laughter!

If you’re a Karachiite, you’d know the discrimination between pull ke iss paar and pull ke uss paar. This guy’s colleague legit had no idea what Gulshan was like and had theories of his own as to why Gulshan’s colder than areas that fall on the other side of the bridge:

And people just can’t get over it:

People were sharing what their friends from across the bridge had to say:

Yar 😂

I mean…

People were sharing what travelling from Gulshan feels like:

Ho bhi sakta hai:

Baarish aur gulshan waalon ke gham:

Tabhi toh…

Usne kaha hai toh hongay for sure:

Baat toh sach hai:

People just couldn’t stop laughing:

It had others confusing too!

Some applied the same logic to Clifton!

Woh toh tab hota hai jab sehra mei miltay hain main aur tu:

Some were disappointed:

Some had suggestions:

He might be right after all:

Yeh baat humain bhi samajh nai ayi aj tak:

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