Netizens are sharing what makes Lahore, Lahore and it’ll make you fall in love with it!

As the famous saying goes, ‘jinnay Lahore nai weikheya o jameya nai, ‘ people are sharing what they think makes Lahore the lively city it is.

And it’ll have you wanting to pack your bags and leave for Lahore!

True that:

One heck of a city:

Okay, wow!

People were calling it a city that never sleeps:

Khaata peeta sheher:

No city like Lahore:

Heaven for people who love shopping:

People were also calling it the NYC of Pakistan:

Aisa sheher hai Lahore:

I swear:


PSL ki jaan!

People were flexing about the food:




Some called it the heart of Pakistan:

Some were a little torn:

People were sharing how you cannot live in any other city once you’ve lived in Lahore:

Jo baat hai!

A city for all:

People were sharing proper facts why the city is so important:

Zinda dil sheher, zinda dil loug:


Some were being poetic:

Oye hoyeee!

Some were being really honest:

Some were calling it the middle child 😂

Yar 😂

Kabhi Lahoriyon se directions mat puchhna:

Yeh cheez:

Lahori and unke shayarana shauq:

We kinda agree:

Some threw shade:

Some weren’t really a fan:

What do you think about Lahore? Let us know in the comments below!

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