Dear Celebs: Here’s How NOT To Let Trolls Get To You!

It’s a daily occurrence now where celebs end up getting massively trolled without any rhyme or reason, and it seems finally the stars are clapping back in ways that are showing their frustration towards the hate!

After all, trolls are everywhere you go on the internet and they have nothing to say but rude, off-topic, or annoying comments designed to make celebs angry – even if it’s literally a photo of chai which they could write besharam on *eye rolls.*

Well, dear celebs! We get what you’re going through, and the only cure is to just stop caring, and while that’s easier said than done, these tips by Diva should help you overcome their spell…


Don’t Feed the Trolls

We keep saying it and we mean it. Avoidance is key, hands down. The majority of trolls thrive on confrontation, so the more you ignore them, the better. Don’t respond to them, not even to call them out as a troll, and they’ll go away. Remember, If a troll returns to their computer with zero replies, they’ll go looking somewhere else for the attention they crave.


They’re Fighting Boredom, Not You

People troll, where their lives lack a reason. Trolls will lash out and be purposely offensive to draw you in, rather than actually saying something of value. In their statements, you’ll see a very “I’m right and everyone else here is wrong” attitude. Breathe, ignore, and remember, they’re bored. That’s it.


They’re Not Worth Your Time

Trolls keep on yapping, so think, do you really need to waste your energy worrying about what one or two sad people are saying about you? No. Just because the internet has a lot of wacky people on it doesn’t mean it isn’t full of cool people!  The time you spent arguing with trolls is time that could have been spent having meaningful discussions with others.

Laugh It Out

A positive attitude can get you through anything, and while you can keep yourself from responding to a troll, we understand it’s nearly impossible to ignore them altogether. The best defense for keeping your sanity intact is to just have a sense of humour about it.  Just remember that if you’re getting trolled more often, it’s probably because you’re in a position of power, and you’re doing something right.


Learn to Find Constructive Criticism

There will always be those who may be rude or put you down, but they’re just tactless. If you can extract any constructive criticism in one of two comments you thought were rude but not trolling, give them a benefit of the doubt and maybe comment nicely. Being mean isn’t the same as being a troll, and sometimes it’s okay to reply.


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