Skincare VS Makeup

I know you want to get your hands on the latest launches you’ve been seeing in tutorials everywhere on instagram and which might cost you a fortune! But is it worth the hefty price tag it comes with? Would you even need a full coverage foundation if you spent the same money on skincare?

The word beauty is complicated; the meanings are so vast and different for everyone. Some are drawn to physical beauty while some are drawn to inner beauty, some associate it with confidence and some with a beautiful persona and the list goes on. But here we’re discussing beauty in terms of skincare and makeup and to be very honest, it all comes down to personal preference and priorities.

Skin is the largest organ of your body, it acts as a barrier to protect you from the harmful environment and injuries. And when our skin is doing so much for us, it is only fair that we take care of it in return. For most people, including me, skincare is way more important than makeup. Mostly because you can’t possibly wear makeup at all times, so most of us would rather spend on having a glowing and even complexion than a full coverage concealer. And honestly, nothing in this world can replace how makeup sits on fresh, supple and hydrated skin. No matter how hydrating of a foundation you use, if your skin is parched, it will not sit well and look like a cakey mess. Same goes for texture, if you have texture on your skin, no amount of makeup will be able to mask it up. Same is the case with acne and blemishes, makeup might cover the redness and scars but you can’t expect it to make the zits disappear.


While skin care is more important in the long run, that does not mean it is by any means better than makeup. I mean who doesn’t want to fake great looking skin and a chiseled face with swoon worthy brows? Makeup can do so much for you and the best part is that it comes off at the end of the day and you can experiment with so many things every day. Have dark circles or redness you want to cover up? Colour correctors are your best friends. Have blemishes, scars or a very inflamed zit? Concealer will save the day. Have enlarged pores and fine lines? A silicone based primer will fill it all in making for a smooth base. Have a lot to cover up or uneven skin? Count on a foundation to take care of it all. Need to chisel out your face? Contour it out. Want to look lit from within? Highlighter! Want to enhance the brown in your eyes? Blue liner, and the list is never ending. Just remember that the main principle behind makeup is to enhance what we already have: natural beauty. Makeup is not a mask to hide behind, nor is it something that only the “beautiful” should do. It is just a smart way to cover some imperfections, which could be disturbing for some of us.

In conclusion, I’d say the choice is yours. Good skin is the key to great looking makeup and generally great for you in the long run as it delays ageing. But even the ones with the best looking skin may experience a few breakouts here and there (especially during that time of the month) and makeup can be a quick fix. Other than being a quick fix, makeup is also a way to express yourself and to enhance your features. There’s absolutely no harm in loving and investing in good makeup but your first and foremost priority should be healthy skin. Which one is “better” is entirely up to personal taste, and whether you want results now and are okay with suffering the consequences later, or are comfortable waiting years for results and not suffering consequences later.

So remember, a great dermatologist is worth a drawer-ful of lipsticks. Nothing is more important in the ongoing care of your skin.

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