Couple Showing PDA On A Flight Has The Internet Full Of Memes & Opinions!

In a country where PDA is frowned upon, a couple on an Airblue flight was seen kissing which made fellow passengers uncomfortable and they asked the air hostess to intervene.

The news broke the internet and there was a sea of differing opinions and hilarious memes!


People were appalled at the outrage:

People wanted to remind him that he could look away:

People were sharing their own experiences:

People weren’t having the selective outrage:

People were calling out on the society on being suffocating:


We can’t stop hearing it in the background now!

People were lauding the air hostess:

Unfortunate, but true!

The guy who complained, became a meme!


The memes were unstoppable!

Yar 😂

Dead 😂

And while some were all supporting the couple, others were strictly against the PDA!

People were adamant that the couple should have kept their hands to themselves:

People were appalled!

People were angry:

People wanted the couple to be fined!

People were sharing how it must have been uncomfortable for the fellow passengers:

People were sharing how the kiss could have waited:

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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