Pictures & Videos From CAIE Exam Venues Flood Social Media!

As the third wave of COVID19 picks up its pace in Pakistan, the Cambridge O and A-Level exams have begun today and will end on June 11.

Despite several student protests to postpone the exams, thousands of students collectively appeared for their examination today and have taken to twitter to share the scenes at the exam venues, most of which the Education Minister thinks are fake:

Wajahat Rauf’s son Aaahir Wajahat who took his first exam today also shared what the situation was like:

Waqar Zaka also jumped in to save the students:

Students were quick to post what was happening:


Students had questions:

Videos were being shared all over social media:

Students shared how the word was not kept:

We feel you!

People just weren’t having it!


There was a full on meme report representing the situation:

Celebrities came all out in support of students:

And while students have been pleading for help, others think that the exams should be taken as per the scheduled timetable:

People also threw shade at Aashir Wajahat:

What are your thoughts on this matter? Let us know in the comments below!

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