Sharmila Faruqui shuts down trolls like a boss and people are loving it!

With majority of us being confined to our houses during the country wide lockdown, celebrities from all walks of life have been giving us inspiration on the things we can do while in quarantine. And Sharmila Faruqui too piqued the interest of many by sharing videos of her cooking.

However, she was trolled heavily for a mere slip of tongue where she called the red snapper fillet a ‘chicken fillet,’ not wanting to record the entire video again, Sharmila uploaded it to her Instagram account thinking that people will understand the obvious slip of tongue, but that didn’t happen. She in fact became meme fodder for the entertainment starved nation and people were not kind to say the least.

People found the video to be hilarious!

Some actually found the particular fillet Sharmila recommended!

The exposè of the year:

Some were very observant!

Some actually turned it into a pick up line, whoa!

At least you have a decent meal to eat:

Quoting an article that called her slip of tongue rather ‘bizarre,’ she went on to explain how the video had blown out of proportion:

Sharmila shared how the trolling had her feeling all sorts of ways, from being shocked to being amused and then being happy, she was glad that she provided some comic relief. Sharmila then put the trolls back in their place by posting yet another video calling her fillet ‘a chicken red snapper fillet’ followed by her contagious laughter!

And the internet is loving the shade!

Quarantine blues who?

Most definitely!

Some believed in ‘meri chicken, meri marzi:’

People wanted her to keep them videos coming!

Yeh cheez:


True that:

People were sending her love!

What do you think about Sharmila’s kind and yet savage comeback? Let us know in the comments below!

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