10 Things Every Pakistani Celeb Is Doing During The Lockdown!

The COVID-19 lockdown may have made most of us hate staying at home for now, but for every celeb around the world, it has become a vessel to use their abilities in the best and worst ways.

Why do we say that?

Well, because on one side there are those who are keeping us entertained through a myriad of antics and making sure they do their part in philanthropy, while on the other there are the ones who love stirring things up and getting people to rile up.

But, what exactly is the Pakistani celeb doing these days?

Diva donned our investigative caps on and sat down to observe every celeb there is, to deduce the following…


Staying at home doesn’t mean we can’t stay fit, right? Well, that’s exactly what our stars like to tell us because remember everyone has a home-gym! Oh, we don’t? Oops.


Live Streaming

Going live used to be the most overlooked part of Instagram, but now we can’t seem to remember the time when our celebs didn’t use it! There’s a life outside of social media? It’s like we never heard of it.



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Qué pasa ?

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Cooking isn’t just about keeping yourself happy when you’re a Pakistani celeb! You can share your skills with the whole world! Plus, if it doesn’t turn out good, you can always say oops and still get those likes.



Perhaps, the ONE good thing about the social media frenzy that we’ve been seeing, is the philanthropic activities that have come through. We have to say, it warms our hearts to see how charitable everyone is!


Watching Netflix

Forget ‘Netflix & Chill,’ this is the ACTUAL time to use the streaming website for all it has on offer! A ton of films and dramas? check.

Putting Up Their ‘Quarant-fies’

We all went through the groupfie phase, but the new inadvertently done challenge seems to be the quaranfie! That’s right, put up a mask, sit at home, and take a selfie and you have your very own!


Putting up Throwbacks

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Tbt some sunshine❤️

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No one knows how many more weeks or months it’s going to be before we travel once again, and that’s why celebs can’t help but put up throwbacks from the good times. We can relate, guys, we can super relate!



Tagging Each Other in Challenges

The exercise challenge? The throwback challenge? Well, everything’s a challenge when you’re stuck at home! #JustQuarantineThings



House Partying & Group Chatting


If only house party STILL meant what it actually used to mean! It’s the era of group chats and that’s exactly what every celeb has realised when they miss their faves.


Spending Time with Family

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Stay at home people 😊

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The best part for many celebs and fans alike seems to be one, and that’s getting to spend time with their loved ones. There cannot be a better thing to come out of this, right?


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