Money Heist’s season 4 is all set to release tomorrow and Pakistanis just can’t wait!

If there’s one series that every Pakistani recommends on Netflix, it’s Money Heist! Over the years the series has gathered a massive fan following in Pakistan which only seems to increase every passing day.

And while we’re in quarantine, nothing stands between us and the fourth season of Money Heist which is all set to release tomorrow and people are way too excited and impatient!

To everyone in our lives:

Kab ayega 😭

When twitter turns into spoilers ka samandar:

Kuch toh milega kerne ko:

Some were absolutely on point:


Many thought that this season will break all previous records:

And never stop:

Oh, the pain!

Baat toh sach hai:

Days before the release, this cover by an 8 year old girl has been winning the internet:

Abhi kerdein release, please?

Kaali zubaan 🙄

Hayeee 😍

Some just weren’t ready for it:

Lo bhaee:

Some added a twist of their own 😂

Well, rewatch it!

Some were asking the right questions:


And while many were impatiently waiting for the new season, some had just started watching the show:

Haha, that’s the beauty of it!

Yes you very well did:

Are you excited about the 4th season? Let us know in the comments below!

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