Shaniera Akram demands that she be called by her name after a famous journalist referred to her as Wasim Akram’s wife

The 6th Islamabad Literature Festival, gathered the attention of many! At one of the panels where Fasi Zaka, George Fulton, Ali Aftab Saeed and Nadeem F. Paracha were present, Nadeem kept referring to Shaniera Akram and the wife of Wasim Akram rather than addressing her with her name. And in that moment, someone from the audience yelled that ‘she has a name.’

The clip reached Shaniera in no time and she lauded the woman for speaking up:

The woman was lauded by many:

People shared how it was actually uncomfortable listening to Shaniera being addressed as Wasim’s wife:

And while some argued that her fame came through Wasim, they agreed that she should have been called by her name:

The director content of Patari too commented on the situation:

To which Shaniera gave a befitting reply:

And her reply caught the attention of many:

Ali Gul Pir gave a subtle round of applause:

People agreed how everyone has their own identities:

People were praising her for earning the name:

Naam toh suna hoga!

People were lauding her efforts for the social betterment of the country:

Some shared how they’d never refer to her with her name out of respect:

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