Mehwish Hayat comes hard at everyone trying to tarnish her image saying that it won’t stop her!

Mehwish Hayat is a diva we stan 24/7 and when it comes to replying the haters and trolls, no one can do it better than Mehwish!

A few days back, a is constructed clip from an event went viral where Mehwish was speaking for the children around the world. And people immediately started bashing Mehwish for not speaking about the children in Kashmir. And Mehwish immediately addressed the situation:

Fellow celebrities too came out to support Mehwish, including Mehr Tarar:

Iqrar ul Hassan too came to her defense:

Shehzad Roy shared how proud he was:

And then came an eye witness who further added that Mehwish was telling the truth:

But the internet just wasn’t ready to believe Mehwish:

Many questioned the choice of her words:

Many even accused Mehwish of paying people to support her, what even?

Many thought of her as a hypocrite:

Some thought she was only interested in her personal gains:

Some suggested better ways to dodge the question:

And of course there were PC fans in the house:

Having had enough of the hate and trolling, Mehwish finally decided to come back at the haters. And that too with a solid proof!

She then continued to say that tarnishing her image will not stop her from fighting against injustice:

And her replies gathered immense love from her fans who might have been misguided via the misconstructed video:

People were proud of her:

Couldn’t have put it in better words, we indeed are a charged bunch:

People were disappointed how Mehwish still had to prove herself with actual evidence to show her patriotism:

People expressed how social media and media in general has become very unreliable and irresponsible:

Some fans even apologized for judging her too soon and honestly we love it!

She even got love from IOK:

People also took it as an opportunity to express what triggered such reaction:


And that’s exactly how misconstructed news is put to an end! What do you think about this situation? Let us know in the come ts below!

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