Shamaeel Ansari Is All Set to Bring the Grandiose of Royalty to London With the ‘Queen’s Symposium’

Pakistani fashion has had its fair share of exposure around the world and a list of couturiers have made sure the craft of the country and the regions around us gets shown on an international platform. Now, taking that up a notch and bringing the regal ensembles that have inspired the designer, Shamaeel Ansari is all set to showcase her solo show, the Queen’s Symposium collection to London this week.

Set to happen at the iconic Savile Club in Mayfair, London, in collaboration with The Citizen’s Foundation, the showcase is set to explore a myriad of queens from the world, which have inspired Shamaeel in her ingenious thirty-four years in the fashion world.

So, what does it have to offer? The grandiosity of fashion and the world of couture, of course.

“The symposium of queens is a solo show. The point of difference in Shamaeel brand is not just showing outfits,” Shamaeel explained. “It is about bringing in the element of individuality that the brand proclaims. It is educational and always has a learning aspect, and plans to reveal how inspiration involves time and research to evolve and create that originality. Each piece is sartorial; has its own story, depths of layers not just in colors, silhouettes and craft but a third-dimensional depth.”

Planning to juxtapose the annals of history into her sartorial expression, something which Shamaeel has done effortlessly in her collections, the couturier has chosen to go beyond just one set of queens from a certain area, but instead decided to explore the topic by looking at the iconic queens of the world.

Savile Club, Mayfair will be the exquisite location selected for the showcase.

“A juxtaposition from history into the present element of style. I chose to combine with the Citizens foundation with my idea that synchronizes with their mission,” she said. “The empowerment of knowledge and education for women is an important aspect and close to my heart.”

So then, who are the queens worth inspiration for the designer? Shamaeel reveals.


 The Tudors

Inspired from the classic to the contemporary and how the past influences the present in life, in experiences, in style and lifestyle, this segment would be looking at Elizabeth The First (TUDOR), who was known for the awakening of the renaissance in the dark ages making it the golden age.

The Mughals

Inspired by the opulence of the Mughals and how the world was changed by the grandiosity of Akbar and his successor Jehangir, who was known for being a poet, and a romantic lover, this segment will look at the inspiration behind the lifestyle of the king’s era, Noor Jehan. “She was a fashion icon of her times,” Shamaeel explains. “A strategist power behind the throne – Who is she?  ‘Light of the world.'”

The Ottomans

The sultanate of women from slave to queens, the merging of the imperial harem into the palace proper, The Ottoman segment will explore the queens of the empire that changed how the orient was looked at. Queens such as Hurrem Sultan, Noor Bano Sultan, Safiya Sultan, and Kosum Sultan, who signify the era of queens. Originating from countries such as Russia, Italy, Greece – these women arrived as slaves into the ottoman harem. Yet, their personality, courage and positivity turned the tide for them. The ottomans existence was a melting pot of various cultures and talents/ inspirations brought in from the countries of slaves.

di”My solo show stands out as a senior designer it is my inspiration that I tangibly, poetically and environmentally expose,” Shamaeel said. “It is time to give back to teach how the mood board is created through learning research and education.”

The collection, which will be complemented by hair and makeup by Tariq Amin, will also feature music for the show, which has been created by Abbas Ali Khan, whereas Faraz Maqsood Hamidi is writing the poetry.

“A span of 34 years of standing in the industry as one of the pioneer designers of Pakistan,” she said. “I choose to get inspired by learning. If I read the history of a personality it inspires me into colours. The courage of the queens inspires me into creating a completely different look. I place narratives in my show so people can learn and feel how I inspire myself.”

Additionally, the meals served at the event will also explore the theme and will have Ottoman, Mughal and Tudor cuisines on the menu, which will provide the guests with an experience they surely haven’t had before.

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