Shahid Afridi did #AskLala twitter session and it was HILARIOUS

Every now and then when our celebrities connect with their fans directly by hosting Q&A sessions. It’s a great way to stay in touch with fans! Shahid Afridi too hosted an #AskLala Q&A session and it was the cutest thing ever!


The hashtag #AskLala was trending all over Twitter and many fired their questions to Lala, including Fahad Mustafa who had a very important question to ask:


And known for his witty replies, Shahid Afridi replied in his signature style:


Lala also turns out to be a Biryani-over-Karahi fan and we’re loving it!


When asked about his favourite song, via a friend, he had the funniest reply 😂


Lala also spilled beans on who uses beauty creams in the team 🙃


He also had a very interesting blood group 😂


Haha, he also calmed a fan down by telling her ‘not everything is breaking news’ 😂 and we’re living for it!


A fan asked for his Whatsapp number and he gave it :p


Our worst mathematics nightmare also happens to be his favorite:


Lala loves shayiri!


He also knows how to make use of his emojis really well when called for it!


Sub pata hai Lala ko!


When asked about stepping into politics, Lala shared how he was in a happy place right now:

But then also hinted he might join politics some day:


When asked about pittayi from Ami, Lala shared how he’s had a lot of it 😂


Lala nai bhoolta kisi ko!


Lala’s a crunch ice-cream person!


He’s an oud person!


Lala can’t see no tears:


He also shared that one of his best moments in life was when he became a father, aww, our heart’s melting!


Some fans tried putting him in a difficult position by asking for his favorites, but Lala bhi akhir Lala hain:


Fans toh Lala ki jaan hain 💓


He also shared how he is trying to be a good human:


When asked about the doings of the current PM, Lala shared how we needed to behave like a nation first and that’s sensible advice:


Lala has no favorites, he loves every part of the country equally:


He also admitted that there can be only one Shahid Afridi and we stan his reply!


He also shared how he wasn’t too choosy with his shampoo because he was born with fabulous hair!


He also acknowledged the fact that he’s Shahid Afridi because of his fans:


He also shared his mantra for success:


Pashto ho ya Punjabi, Lala knows it all!


He also admitted to having an aggressive nature, a thing not many would admit that easily:


He also shared how he wishes to coach youngsters:


He also shared his workout plans:


Regrets were shared:


He’s a family man:


He has love and loads of it for his fans:


When asked about his favourite thing about himself, he shared his he was an empathetic person:


Lala also had the sweetest advice for the younger generation:


Lala also shared how he takes life one day at a time:


He also said how he will keep speaking for Kashmir:


He also rated his fans’ work:


When it came to loving his fans, he doesn’t believe in discrimination:



It’s little sessions like these that help the fans connect to their favorite people, and when it comes to Shahid Afridi, he’s the king of having the funniest interactions with his fans! You go, Lala!

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