Shaan Shahid is on a mission to revive film, art and sports in the Naya Pakistan

Shaan has never been afraid to speak his heart out. Only recently Shaan has single handedly been trying to run a campaign for the legendary artists to reclaim their space in the Naya Pakistan.


Shaan is calling all film community and sports representatives to unite for films, arts and sports as he thinks that arts and sports are not provided with the deserved facilities and opportunities. He shared the idea in a tweet with PM Imran Khan a few days ago and there has been no stopping him since then:


After putting forward his idea, Shaan then went on to remind the nation of the good days they’ve seen because of this very industry, when artists used to visit Pakistan very often:


Can you believe Walt Disney came to Pakistan?



Shaan also reminded people of the true legends the film and television industry has produced that have now been forgotten:


He made sure people were reminded of their excellent work and services in the industry, starting with Qawee Khan sahab:


Rahat Kazmi and the magic he created:


Shehnaz Sheikh Jee and her powerful persona:


Abid Ali and his passion:


Talat Hussain and his iconic roles:


Irfan Khoosat in all his glory:


Marina Khana and her never ending grace:


Uzma Gillani and her efforts:


Firdous Jamal and his distinct personality:


Sahira Kazmi and her aura:


The Sabri brothers visiting Europe:


Jahangir Khan, a legend that must never be forgotten:


Sohail Abbas, who scored the highest number of goals


Shaan also spoke about empowering our women in the sports field, and he had some serious points to make:


He talked about there being almost no women athletes in the country:


And not just women but even men athletes that the country severely lacks:


He then talked about squash and how the scope of squash has gone down astonishingly:


He also suggested how films can make a great impact and benefit the country when promoted all around the world:


His tweets got many thinking and many came forward to share the struggles they’ve been facing in the country:


People mentioned how the country has so much talent but no resources or sponsors:

People gave suggestions:


People were lauding Shaan for single handedly get people to start talking about the issue:





What a great initiative by Shaan, we’re absolutely rooting for you and hoping that you get what you’re trying to achieve.

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