Yasir Hussain shares pictures from his baat pakki with a savage caption, receives love & some backlash

When it comes to talking back or replying the trolls, Yasir tops the list. Only recently Yasir Hussain shared a picture from Iqra and his baat pakki where the two can be seen looking adorable!


But judging from Iqra’s clothes and hairstyle more and more fans started pointing out how the pictures were old, and probably from February.


This got them a ton of hate, so much so, that he decided to come back at the trolls in the most savage way:


Congratulations from fellow colleagues started pouring in:



There was nothing but love:


Frieha Altaf was proud, real proud!


Saheefa too played along:


Celebrities shared how well they complimented each other:


Everyone in the industry wished them good luck:


Fans were sending tons of love and prayers for the gorgeous two:


Kuch ke apne gham itne baray the…

And while everyone was loving it, there were a few who got triggered with the caption:

Many thought he was an attention seeker:



People were pissed that the whole LSA proposal was a planned and rehearsed gig:

Some suggested that he keep his personal life private if he doesn’t like criticism:


People were just not happy with the engagement being kept a secret:

People were calling them out:


Some thought it was a s dumb idea:


People were mad at the LSA proposal being a publicity stunt:


Some thought they were the biggest attention seekers:


Some predicted the future:


And some just wanted everyone to mind their own business:


What do you think about this fiasco? Let us know in the comments below!


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