Senior Google Executive resigns from her position to work with PM Imran Khan on Digital Pakistan Project

Prime Minister Imran Khan is inaugurating a new #DigitalPakistan project to digitise government infrastructures in Pakistan. The project promises paperless and efficient environment including services for citizens and businesses for better delivery.

To lead the project, Tania Aidrus, the senior Pakistani executive of Google has stepped down from her position at the tech giant and has arrived in Pakistan from Singapore to offer her services.

And the internet is excited for the project:

The netizens were also welcoming Tania Aidrus:

There were tweets throughout explaining how the process is going to benefit people:

Many were quoting what Imran Khan had said about the country:

People were supporting the project whole heartedly:

People were discussing how this will provide tons of opportunities to youth:

People were loving the way Tania looked at things:

People were also looking at it as a challenge:

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  1. The project will have huge impact on many fronts but the question is how much freedom and support will be given to plan and execute the initiative. Like many initiatives this may also fall prey to hurdles leading to frustration.

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