Sarah Baig: Q&A

Q1)How old were you when you started singing?

A1)  I loved singing since childhood but I took up singing professionally and started my formal training 4 years ago.


Q2)Was singing something that came from within or were you forced into this field?

A2)  I found my self and my soul in music hence it was all me.

You can never be a singer forcefully it has to come withing you and feel it to emote and sing.

Q3)From modelling to singing,fill us in on your transitional journey?

A3) I started as a model and then started learning singing side by side. Decided to stay on as a musician because my True calling was music as compared to modelling. Acting is also something that I have done in the past. So after doing it all I would say music is what I am made for.

Q4)We have heard your cover songs and they are phenomenonal.Do you sing originals aswell?

A4)  I love doing covers because I love singing songs I fall in love with it. But my originals are what showcases my passion for singing.

I started with originals. My first single was “Ishq Hai Eik Saza”. And just recently I released my second original  “Yadaan Teri” and I am working on my 3rd original as we speak.

Q5)Tell us something about your childhood. Were you part of the school choir or the singing/music club?

A5)Yes I was a very active member of all my music clubs I’m school and in my college. Arts and drama was also something that I used to participate alot in as well. So yes I always had a little Diva living inside of me 🙂

Q6)How so you keep your self fit and healthy?

A6)First of all sleep. Proper sleep. Yoga workouts and meditations.

Following the right way of clean eating. Yes I do cheat once in a while but I am still very much inclined to my healthy food habits.

Water sleep mindful activities are something that I am very big on.

Q7)Whats your love language?

A7)I express myself my feelings amd emotions through music amd my voice.

So yea definitely music and singing is my love language!!

Q7)Where do you see your self in the next 5 years?

A7)Right now I am pursuing all the things I had ever dreamed of.

Starting with singing and having my own fashion house .

Along with that I am also doing my LLB as my formal education.

So 5 years from now I see My self doing all of the above and more .

Q8)Any message for the Gen Z?

A8) Be focused

Worked hard

Be loyal and true to your self and follow your passion and dreams.

Q9)A childhood memory you would love to share with us?

A9)  My best childhood memory was that my mother was my very first valentine at the age of 7! Wishing her that day with red flowers and a card is one of the best memories I have of my childhood.

Q10) Things you love doing the most?

A10) Travelling


Reading books

Spending time with nature and My loved ones.

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