SAPMs Tania Aidrus & Zafar Mirza Resign & People Are Heartbroken!

Among all the things that netizens are trending, the hashtags #TaniaAidrus, #SAPM and #ZafarMirza have become the top 3 trends after people share how heart broken they are.

Special Assistants to Prime Minister, Tania Aidrus (Digital Pakistan) and Zafar Mirza (Health) submitted their resignations today and shared the news with the world via tweets:

And people have lost all hope!

People wanted to know if this was the end:

People wanted to know what pur priorities are as a nation:

People had a lot to say:

People were disappointed:

Dr. Abdul Qadir Khan too expressed disappointment:

People were blaming it on the media:


People were thanking them for their sincere contribution:

People were furious!

I wish!

Needless to say, people were losing faith:

People were lauding Zafar Mirza for his efforts:

People were calling it a sad day for Pakistan:

People think it’s what we deserve:

People were throwing shade at Aamir Liaquat’s resignation being rejected:

What do you think about the resignations? Let us know in the comments below!

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