Renowned Feminist Activist Mahwash Ajaz Exposes Malicious Campaign Against Ali Zafar, Issues Public Apology

The Ali Zafar – Meesha Shafi controversy has continued to wreak havoc on both their lives since the last two years, but it seems finally more truth is coming out of the whole ordeal.

If you haven’t been following the latest on this case –courtesy of Twitter, then we can remind you that recently, journalist and opinion-leader, Mahwash Ajaz wrote a Twitter thread about why she believed Ali Zafar was ‘targeted maliciously.’

The writer took to the micro-blogging platform and clarified how she, along with many other journalists, activists, and Twitterati were fooled into believing they were fighting against ‘harassment’ while in actuality, it was a pre-planned defamatory stint against Ali Zafar.

Mahwash has claimed since revealing all of this, she is under a constant threat from cyber-bullying from countless fake accounts.

Since then, the writer has also stated that how this mud-slinging on the Rockstar singer has gone on to turn into a ploy to destroy his career, and make heroes out of others.

Now, ever since Mahwash has opened up about this ongoing conspiracy against the singer, many have come forward to acknowledge that the journalist makes absolute sense. So much so, that many Tweeple are now realising how they have been had.

Some even went on to exclaim that they’ve been saying this since forever but the witch hunt barred others from understanding the truth.

Others, shared their own experience of bullying when they stood for Ali in the past.

Some even implored that if people believed ‘women should be trusted,’ then they must hear Mahwash too, when she brings the truth out.

Tweeple went onto further look at the other claims that were made on the singer, to question their integrity.

The social media platform was also lit up with many questioning how this must have  badly affected Ali and his family.

Apart from Tweeple, the truth has also resonated with the industry, out of which, some have now spoken in support of Ali, such as Zara Tareen.


Actress Armeena Rana Khan also came forward in support of Mahwash and the blatant trolling she received for supporting the truth of Ali Zafar.

Twitter was quick to praise the actresses for coming forward in their support for what’s right.

While others, talked about how there’s now a media silence when things have been put out in the open.

Some went onto claim that it is women like Mahwash Ajaz who represent the real feminists.

A few wished that every person was able to be like Mahwash, and speak the honest truth.



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