Sang-e-Mah: A Power-Packed Debut & A Mesmerising Start!

Touted as one of the most awaited television dramas to air in 2022, HUM TV’s Sang e Mah premiered this week on television with its episode keeping the audiences on the edge of their seats. From the ensemble cast to the way the first episode introduced us to the story, there has been something for everyone to love.

What else did the first episode directed by Saife Hassan and written by Mustafa Afridi have that ended up making us being super-obsessed by it? Let’s explore…

The episode starts off by exploring three separate clusters – who we are sure will end up connecting quite soon in the story. First, is the ever-resilient Zargona (Saniya Saeed) who lives according to their own accord and is a single mother to Gulmina (Hania Aamir), who is a bubbly girl with a streak of fire in her.



Attracted to Gulmina – and co-incidentally her cousin as well – is Hikmat (Zaviyar Nouman) who seems to have fallen head over heels for her. The catch, however, is that he is the son of Zargona’s estranged sister, Zarsanga, who seems to want nothing to do with Gulmina or her mother. We do however, see Hikmat as a character who has a softer side to him, and is seen as the logical one in comparison to his brother, Hilmand.

Who is Hilmand? Essayed by Atif Aslam in his debut television role, Hilmand is the rather spiritual and free-willed son to Zarsanga, who seems to be in odds with his mother, father and family. He is a street-poet, a dervish like character, and one who seems to surely be the one with a problematic past. What and how will his past connect and intertwine with the rest of the story? We can bet the upcoming episodes will reveal it.


An interesting mix however seen in the first episode, is the relationship shown between Hilmand and his father, Marjan (Nouman Ijaz). While the latter a powerful figure in front of his tribe, it seems the former, his child, Hilmand, does seem to be under no control of his. He even seems to be losing on an argument in front of Hilmand. Just where will this father-son animosity go?

Finally, we also seen an introduction to a third cluster of characters, who interestingly come from the Sikh faith – which remains a prevalent minority in the region portrayed in Sang e Mah. Revealing a few details only, the character Harshali (Naijba Faiz) and her fiancé (Omair Rana) are definitely amusing characters within the story that has up until now focused on the tribe of Haji Marjan. Just how do these two and their narrative of a 20-year-old engagement come into cohesion as the latter is hell-bent on not letting any happiness come to him until he gets his Harshali? The upcoming episodes will surely unravel the mystery slowly and gradually.


All in all, the first episode packs a power punch that hints towards a story that will definitely keep the audiences glued to their television sets. Just how many meandering changes are yet to happen and what will happen in the lives of so many important characters? Stay tuned to find out!

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