#SanaJaved Trends On Twitter After Her Powerful Performance In Dunk!

After an intense episode of Dunk last night, we saw professor Humayun’s version of truth where he shares how Amal has accused him falsely. And the scene only went on to prove what a phenomenal actress Sana Javed is!

The hashtags #SanaJaved and #Dunk were trending on Twitter as fans lauded the actress on her acting:

No one could have done it better than Sana!

People were loving how tactfully the issue was being treated:


People were thoroughly enjoying the drama:

The drama and it’s gripping plot had people loving every bit of it!

Hahaha, we do too!

People were also praising Bilal Abbas for nailing the role of Haider:

People were clearly hooked!

They aced it!

The episode spoke volumes of how versatile Sana is:

People were shook!


People wanted more shows like Dunk:

People really enjoyed the episode:

Jo baat hai!

Fans just can’t wait for the next episode:

Haha, that’s Amal for you:

How did you like Dunk this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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