Saboor Aly’s Refusal To Wearing A Mask Has Netizens Divided!

As Pakistan witnesses the fourth wave of COVID-19 with the delta variant on the rise, smart lockdowns and revised SOPs have been advised to control the spread of this deadly variant.

Someone on Twitter shared their sister’s first hand experience travelling with Saboor Aly amid the fourth wave, who completely refused to wear a mask saying that her doctor has asked her not to wear a mask to avoid acne:

And netizens are just not having it:

People shared how there are ways to control maskne:

People weren’t surprised:

People were disappointed:

People were sharing how the priorities were clear:

People were loving how social media exposes everyone:

People were sharing their own experiences with masks and acne:


People really wanted to know why she was allowed to fly with no mask:

People shared how she should fire her doctor and aesthetician:

People shared how she has no sense of social responsibility:

People were recommending getting a private jet:

People were also calling her a desi Karen:

People were calling CAA out on their failure to have the passengers comply:


People were throwing shade at her:

And while others were disappointed there were people who understood her reasons:

People were sharing real life experiences:

People were sharing how WHO has allowed fully vaccinated people to roam without a mask:

What do you think about Saboor’s reasoning for not wearing a mask? Let us know in the comments below!

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