#SabaQamar tops Twitter trend in Pakistan, and people are comparing her and Mahira Khan, but why?


Everyday there’s a new hashtag trending on Twitter. Yesterday it was #MahiraKhan and #FirdousJamal, today its #SabaQamar, but why? Keep reading to find out why!

Saba Qamar and Mahira Khan are two of the greatest actresses the industry has right now and they’re both special in their very own ways.


After the whole Firdous Jamal criticizing Mahira Khan fiasco, people stood with Mahira Khan sending her lots of love and support. And while there was this out-pour of love and support, some people took it out of context and started comparing Mahira Khan to Saba Qamar:


And people were torn between the two!


People were truly in awe of both the actresses:


Yaaaas, queens who rule our heart!


Agreed, no room for comparison:


Exactly, why?


Time is money, yo!


Like we said, they’re both special in their own ways:


Confidence ho toh aisa 😂


Yaaaas, girl!


And while Mahira Khan had her share of praise yesterday, people are all praise for Saba now:


People showed their immense love for Saba:


Saba Qamar has a league of her own for some:


So much love:




Yeh cheez:




More power and lots of love:




There can only be one Saba Qamar:


Some thought Saba’s acting skills have been ignored, absolutely not:


Umm 👀


But thanks to India that we get to see Saba more often in our dramas:


Some were clearly on a different page, lol, cheers for Sallu bhai:


Hmmm, there was an honorable mention of an ex 👀


And while people were comparing the two, there were some harsh comments:


The fact that Humsafar is still remembered speaks volume of the kind of play it was and will always be:


This! Credit should be given where it’s due:


Agreed, there’s absolutely no comparison:


And as the debate was going on with Saba Qamar trending at number one, people missed the political trends, lol:


And while we respect everyone’s choice, why is it that we feel the need to put others down when appreciating someone? Why can’t we appreciate the two without putting one of them down? Be it Mahira or Saba, they’re both great in their own ways and do things very differently which sets them apart from one another, it’s what makes them THEM!

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