Saba Qamar Is The Queen Of Savage & The Internet Agrees!

Saba Qamar continues to showcase her unfiltered side on her YouTube channel and with every episode Saba makes us fall in love with her all over again!

Her latest video is an enactment of her interview which had some of the most absurd questions, and her unfiltered answers are the best thing you’ll see on the internet today!

Saba’s answers quickly became the life of social media and the internet is loving every bit of it!

We call her the queen of monologues for a reason!

Our favourite diva!

People were curious!

There was love pouring in from across the border:

Oh yes she did!

The clip had people exploring more to Saba Qamar:



People were loving this side of her:

Some had a hard time believing that the questions were real:

And of course, we had the never ending comparison between Mahira and Saba:

We know righttttt?

Ours too!

Couldn’t agree more!

True though:

People found her to be better than the entire lot combined!

We knew it since day one!

And just in case you don’t believe the ridiculous questions, here’s the real interview:

What do you think about her video? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Saba is the queen of film industry, the best things I love her his,truthful and fortitude at every conditions, she is so decent,she is ample hearted and Graceful I applaud to his wonderful act And denied hypocrisy may Allah give him her life a true paramour.I wish God will give you an impeccable partner,which you were happy in rest of this eternal life.

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