Ruswai’s last episode leaves fans in tears!

What started off as an uncomfortable but yet brilliant plot, Ruswai, throughout the course of it’s airtime kept the audience hooked on to it. From Sameera first being kidnapped and violated to entering into an abusive marriage and then getting out of it to finally pursue justice, it was one heck of a ride!

And the last episode today was a treat for the fans waiting on Sameera getting justice and it left the internet in tears:

Many recently learnt that Ruswai was based off of Mukhtaran Mai’s true story:

So many emotions, all at once!

These dramas are the first step:

And the appearance of Mukhtaran Mai was truly an iconic scene:

We need more women like her!

Go, Sameera!

People were hoping for more dramas like this to air from time to time:

If only we had more men like Dr. Feroz:

People were sharing why such stories and dramas are so important:

People were missing the show already:

Sana Javed at her absolute best!

People were in love with Osama Tahir as Hamza:

People were living for the ending!

Yes please!

Many got goosebumps!


People were lauding ARY for portraying real women and real issues:

Oh, the poetic justice!

And with Salman taking a bullet for Sameera, people just weren’t having it!

What did you think about Ruswai’s last episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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