Ruswai left the audience teary eyed after Sameera’s father passed away!

If there’s one drama that we’ve been following avidly ever since the beginning, it’s Ruswai. With a plot so intense and shattering, Ruswai has been a cult favourite amongst the masses!

But last night’s episode especially made a very special place in our hearts as we see our already broken Sameera break into a million pieces all over again after her father dies in a car accident. From the writing to the execution, everything was spot on!

And people all over social media were in tears at the tragic end that the episode came to:

People were thoroughly impressed with Hamza:

People were really emotional:

Everyone was lauding Sana Javed for her outstanding performance:

There were many who could actually relate to Sameera and her pain:

Mohammad Ahmed also had fans loving his acting:

Not gonna lie this scene had us bawling our eyes out:

People just couldn’t get over it:

It was a heart breaking episode for many:

People were also lauding the director for showing more realistic approach to funerals:

People were hating on Warda and her family:

What an intense scene 😭

Sameera 💔

Are you keeping up with Ruswai? How did you like last night’s episode? Let us know in the comments below!

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