First 2 cases of coronavirus reported in Pakistan and people are anything but calm!

For the past few weeks, the Pakistanis have been calm as there were zero cases of Coronavirus in the country, however, all hell broke loose when 2 identified cases of Coronavirus came into the picture.

And ever since the news was made official, there’s a wave of panic amongst the citizens:

People were sharing precautionary measures to protect yourself:

People were furious that the specialised N95 masks were being sold ten times their actual price:

Since both the cases shared travel history from Iran, some urged that the Shia leadership comes forward:

If you’re headed out to crowded places, please wear these masks:

People were also worried that PSL season could also become a source for the spreading of the virus:

People were praying for the country:

Government also decided to close schools for the safety of children:

Some were busting the common myths related to the virus:

People were requesting others to stop spreading rumours:

Many were urging others to think logically:

People were also sharing Duas to recite:

Many were sharing the statistics of the virus to help calm down the people:

Cricketer Ahmad Shahzad too requested his followers to stay calm:

Some were urging that people now switch to foods and supplements that increase the immunity:

People were sharing every little bit of information they could:

People were sharing basic self diagnostic tests to help the community:

Disgusting to say the least:

Some were urging that the specialised masks should be handed out for free:

People were worried how the country is just not ready for the corona catastrophe:


Many were just not having it:

And while many were panicking, there were people who were bringing hope:

Many shared how we will have to fight this together:

People all over social media are sharing videos of DIY masks, but these masks are ineffective when it comes to Corona, think smart:

With that being said, here’s to hoping and praying that the virus is contained and doesn’t spread. Stay safe everyone!

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