Reporter covering flood in neck-deep water is winning the internet!

When it comes to our reporting, we definitely have a few gems! From ‘mujhay anday wala burger’ to Chand Nawab trying to get the departing train in the background, the competition is tough! But this bloke took his reporting to the next level by actually reporting in water, with just his head popping out and it’s winning the internet!


The video which went viral has gathered tons of fans around the world, and their reactions to the video are priceless:


Literally in depth 😂


His dedication was lauded through and through:


Ae wada farahmosh main tujhsa toh nahi hoon~


Haha, us too, inshallah!


We agree:


Haha, definitely out of control:


YAAAAAS, give him a show already!


The video even had the goras going gaga!


People wanted a Pulitzer for him, banta bhi hai:


Even the folks at Bollywood loved him:


Hold our chai*


Seeing really is believing:


People demanded that he gets a raise, and we agree!


What can we say, we like living on the edge:


Hahaha, true that:


People were loving it!


We different!


He became an inspiration for many:


Exactly, there’s no in between!


People could relate to him:


Heart, soul and body:


Cautions were raised:




Okay, that was deep literally and figuratively:


Some had pretty relevant stuff to say…


He deserves one:


We would appreciate that too:


What do you think about this level of reporting? Let us know in the comments below!

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