Karachi had it’s first monsoon rain and the internet just can’t keep calm

Photo by Saad Saeed


Only a true Karachiite can relate to the joy of a good monsoon season! For a city that witnesses hot temperature throughout the year, the monsoon rains bring us sheer bliss! As soon as it started raining, the netizens took it to Twitter to share the love, making #KarachiRains the top trending hashtag:


And as the heavy rainfall continued, the internet had a lot to share:


Haha, waqayi mazzay!


People also shared how Careem and Uber were charging insane fares!


Sub lele re baba, jayedaad mei hissa bhi lele!


Humara bus chalay toh hum pictures frame kerwalein baarish ki:


Literally all of us:


Mums were getting down to serious talks with the CEOs, such cuties!


Pehla qatra girtay hi!


Miracle hi hai bhaee!


Iss baarish ki qeemat tum kya jano:


People were lauding the traffic wardens for controlling the traffic:


If the word perfection was summed in a video:


That’s how deprived we’ve been:


People shared how they were enjoying amazing kachoris!


There were some heart breaking revelations…


Truth has been spoken!


People were calling it an angry rainfall:


The rain had them all thinking:


There were some genius ideas, google?


People did not forget PTCL and their broadband service 😂


Karachi: hello ji!


And while many offices called it a day off, others had to go:


Nibbis on the roofs!


Hum bhi yehi soch rahay hain:


Bus yaheen maar khata hai Karachi:


Oooof, nothing!


Somebody made this mesmerizing slow-mo of the rain drops falling in all their glory:


Take. Our. Money:


Kisi haal mei khush nai hotay:


People were loving every bit of it:


People were creating awareness for others:


Baat toh sach hai…


People were concerned:


Love the city or hate it, it is one of the happiest cities when it’s raining and despite all the hardships we go through during the rain, this city yearns for rain!

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