Rabia Butt doesn’t let trolls win & we Stan this queen of clapbacks

rabia butt

When it comes to giving the most savage replies that burn, Model Rabia Butt is the queen! Whether it’s people trying to bring her down or make fun of her, Rabia almost always comes back at them and we stan a queen who takes no shit!

Ooooof, if the word savage had a face, it’ll be this tweet

She even threw a little shade at the cricket team

She also loves schooling her trolls on unfollowing her:

And she even keeps up with the latest memes, nibbi 😂

She even came back at a troll who called her hands manly

And when she was called Ghareebon ki Angelina Jolie

She also makes sure that people know how ponies are not even close to 5 rupay these days

She even proved how she was just as worried about her bills like all.of us, SAME SIS!

And fans love her for her personality and attitude!

She’s also the sweetest and tries to reply almost every fan, whether its wishing them birthdays, saying thanks or just an emoji

And most importantly she’s just as human as all of us and has her days

She may get hurt but she also believes in forgiveness:

And this is exactly what makes her a true diva and a queen of our hearts!

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