PTA Unbans Tiktok & People Are Divided!

All hell broke loose when Tiktok got banned by PTA last week over failure of removing immoral and indecent content.

Tiktokers were upset about the ban, while others felt it was a good decision to have the app banned. However, today PTA announced that they’re lifting the ban on Tiktok given that Tiktok will keep a strict check on the content:

And people stood divided:

People found it funny:

People had questions:

People were happy:

People were thanking PTA for the decision:

People were upset:

People wanted Tinder to be un-banned next:

People wanted the ban culture to be banned:


People wanted the app to stay blocked:

People were worried about the lack of transparency:

People were happy to get their freedom of speech back:

People wanted Jannat Mirza back in Pakistan:

People were still rooting for Tiktok be banned permanently:

Lagaye rakho:

People were not amused:

What do you think about the ban being lifted? Let us know in the comments below!

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