10 Things Pakistani Designers Say That We Are Tired of Hearing!

Fashion designers and couturiers around the world are known to have their own type of flair and attitude, and of course, Pakistan is no different. You’ll find these big, often iconic names, owning a certain way of lifestyle and urban-speak, which makes them, well, them. 

However, even with each of them retaining their own style in their ensembles, there are some things which connects them all to the other. What is that?

Well, what they have to say, of course!

From the jaani’s to the “I only make clothes for the international market,” we’ve heard it all before and we’re tired!

What else do they say? Diva has the lowdown..


This collection is very different

Apparently all collections are very different. Now, whether that’s a good thing or not, we’ll never know. What makes us even more annoyed by this is the fact that most of these ‘very different’ collections look like they come a dime a dozen. No, sweetie, the collection is not very different. Next! 


He/she copied me

The icing on the cake of the whole ‘very different’ debate is that someone also copied their designs! Now, this might be that-desigher-they-hate or even someone across the border. They’re the true designers and every one else is the impostor. Haven’t you heard? P.s, this applies from everything – ensembles to even the names of the collections, apparently.


I am sold out

A statement that always is the defense mechanism for a struggling designer who is scared that people will find out about their shortcomings, is of course that ‘they’re sold out’. No, jaani. We all can see the sad warehouse brimming with clothes.


Jaani! I am a top designer

Even if it hasn’t been more than a decade in the industry, we’d still love to call ourselves a top designer. Don’t we? Scratch that, even if there is boutique or atelier – even then jaani, I am a top designer. All we wonder is, jaani where are the clientele?


I don’t believe in awards

Every year there are two seasons. No, not spring/summer and fall/winter. They’re pre-nominations and post-nominations. In the first six months, every designer loves the award season and the jury, while for the next, there’s no such thing as credible award shows. Either keep the award in the loo like one certain iconic stylist of the country does to prove a point or don’t play that card!


I don’t make clothes for Pakistani market

A Pakistani designer who doesn’t make clothes for the Pakistani market? wow. That is so cool! All we wonder then is who’s buying these? Oh yeah, the desi’s. Oh wait? You mean to tell me they aren’t Pakistanis? Oh, okay. 


I am booked this whole season

Jaani, Pakistani designers are so busy, uff. If the shaadi season isn’t enough, they apparently have so so so many orders that they can’t take your order. Oh, you brought the cash right now and you’re related to my cousin? We suddenly have an opening!


I did it first

Remember a certain draping technique or a specific silhouette from any Pakistani fashion week? Well, apparently 20+ designers invented it. They did it first, and chances are they invented it before the world knew about it. Jaani, Pakistani designers are true innovators! 



I am the king/queen of couture

Filter the noise, the kings & queens of fashion are coming! Oh, wait. You, mean no one gave them the title and they just came up with it themselves one fine day? Interesting. Queen of couture, meet, King of pretension. 


I only do solo shows

When you can’t say the whole fraternity that made you, you now say ‘I only do solo shows.’ Spending millions and millions is not a problem if they get all the spotlight. But, oh, if one can’t afford it, then there’s always the ‘I don’t believe in solo shows’ too!


Which statement are you tired of hearing? Tell us in the comment section below.

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