It’s Time To Normalize “Repeating Outfits”: Pakistani Women Speak

Women in our society are often judged on repeating outfits at certain occasions, which is not at all okay and needs to stop. Seeing women being pressured into it, a guy on twitter asked women to normalize repeating the same outfit:

And they had a lot to say!

True that 😔


Many believed it was already normalised:

Exactly how it should be!


I mean, we kinda agree!

Me neither:

I mean these clothes don’t come cheap!


People had their reasons:


Lmao 😂


Some just weren’t ready to negotiate repeating the outfit more than twice:

Exactly, paisay toh puray kernay doh!

Aur kya!

It’s not that hard tbh:

Same, same!


Everyone’s free to do whatever they like:

The energy we all need, lougon ka toh kaam hai kehna!

Love this queen!

You do you, boo!

Haha, these mommies!

What are your thoughts on this take? Let us know in the comments below!

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