Professor Humayun’s Death In Dunk Leaves The Audience Sad & Emotional!

Drama serial Dunk, despite all the controversy surrounding it, has the fans loving it and last night it had the audiences shook after Professor Humayun’s suicide.

The way the drama showed two parallels of Haider and Amal’s dholkis versus Professor Humayun’s miseries was commendable and people are lauding it!

People were loving the execution:


People were eager to see what’s next:

People were in actual tears:

People were loving the portrayal of Haider:

People were still making theories based off of what they believe:

Wait, what?

People were living for the chemistry between Haider and Amal:

People were also lauding the little Ghana for her acting:


People were already calling it a masterpiece:

People were sharing how the drama was based on the story of a professor who was falsely accused:

Twists hi twists:

We know right!

People were moved:

The helplessness:

People were all-praise for Yasra Rizvi and her performance:

True that!

People were sharing why Professor Humayun decided to end his life:

What did you think of the episode last night? Let us know in the comments below!

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