Netizens Are Furious After A Video Of A Kid Driving Surfaces The Internet!


A video of a kid aged between 5-7 years has surfaced the internet where he can be seen driving the car alone, sitting on the driver’s seat without any assistance:

As the video hit the internet, it has upset a ton of netizens and they have a lot to say!

ZQ found herself at a loss for words:

Yep, we approve!


People wanted the parents to be held accountable:

People were calling it stupid:

People were angry:

People had their reservations:

People wanted an FIR against the parents:

People were calling it irresponsible:

People wanted to know how he was reaching the accelerator:

Some thought it could have been a prank:

People were throwing shade at Multan’s Traffic Police:


Some turned it into memes:

What do you think about the video? Should the parents be fined? Let us know in the comments below!

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