Police recovered 23 stolen sacks of chigozay worth 12M, and the internet has wild ideas

Given the current situation you can either own an iPhone 11 or a handful of chilghozay. The pine nuts have crossed the rate of 9000PKR per kilo and some of us have even forgotten what they tasted like.

Amidst the circus of daily life, one man stole 23 sacks of chilghozay worth 1 crore and 20 lacs. And the internet was happy!

Chilghoza heist omg!

People were calling them the bitcoins of Pakistan:

Many were jealous of the man who caught the sacks, since he probably got some as a token of appreciation

Some wanted the stolen chilghozas to be added to the national treasury:

We volunteer too!

I mean, lots of $$$:

Some were up for a Netflix documentary:

Some were finding the idea to be genius:

The real jewels:

They deserve it!


Zaalima ek bori idhar bhi!

People were lauding the KPK police:

Some were finding a potential movie plot in the situation:

People thought of tagging NAB:

Some were dreaming:


There were a ton of puns:

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