Minister of Agriculture tells karachiites to add ‘tiddis’ to their biryanis, karhais and BBQs and the Internet has crazy ideas!

From the last 2 days, Karachi has been getting massive swarms of locusts passing through every corner of the city. Frantic, the citizens turned to the ministries responsible, and the minister of Agriculture Sindh had some very interesting things to say:

According to the minister of Agriculture, the citizens should rather add these free flying proteins to their biryanis, karhais and BBQs instead of getting scared of them. And the internet is skeptical about it!

People were hoping for the locusts to stay out of our biryani:

Tiddi karhai has been making rounds in the city already!

Taking advantage of the situation:

People were giving tips on how they taste better lightly toasted:

Tiddi ka shorba bhi bana saktay hain:

Let the games begin!

Shrimps who can fly 😂

Who needs tomatoes when you can have them tiddays?

If this Hassan is your friend, AVOID eating at his place:

‘Ek bar aazmayish, bar bar farmayish:’

And while many were having a kick out of it, some were actually concerned:

And just in case you are still skeptical on the consumption of locusts, someone even posted the fatwa:

Some knew what exactly caused this fiasco:

What are you cooking with them locusts then? Let us know in the comments below!

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