PM Imran Khan Announces Development Project For Karachi & People Are Lauding Him!

On a visit to Karachi to assess the situation after devastating rains, PM Imran Khan announced a package worth Rs. 1100 billion for the development of Karachi under the city’s transformation plan.

And the news has left the Karachiites ecstatic and full of hope!

People were appreciating his efforts:

People were thanking him for the initiative:

People were hopeful that this would greatly help Karachi:

People were living for it!

Others wanted the PM to also take notice of K Electric’s incompetence:

People were waiting to see the results:

They sure do!


People were excited!

The city that generates the most revenue:

Some couldn’t believe it:

Fingers crossed:

People were calling it a golden day:

What do you think about Imran Khan development package for Karachi? Let us know in the comments below!

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