Petition to halt Aurat March filed and people have a lot to say!

In an already patriarchal society, women of the country have been enthusiastically looking forward to the Aurat March 2020 which has been scheduled to take place on 8th March, marking the International Women’s Day globally. However, a petition to halt the march was filed by Azhar Siddiqui in the Lahore High Court who claims that the Aurat March is being funded by ‘anti-state parties’ and aims to spread ‘anarchy, vulgarity and hatred amongst the masses’. The petition also deemed the march ‘against the very norms of Islam.’

The petition accepted by the LHC has garnered a ton of criticism at the hands of the netizens:

People were also calling out on the LHC:


Many called out on the system that treats women like secondary gender:

People just couldn’t believe it!

People were sharing how the country thinks that an Aurat March is a bigger threat than rape and other heinous crimes:

People were savage!

Many were furious with the freedom being taken away from them:

People were furious:

Women were sharing their concerns and what it feels like to be a woman in this country:

Many argued how he should respect the demands of his fellow citizens:

Some thought that LHC should get their priorities straight:

Desi men at their best:

I guess we’ll never find out:

People were making comparisons:


Some thought men were scared:

People were suggesting that the petitioner consults someone for his fragile nature:

People were calling the country a joke:

Even the men were appalled:

People were stressing on the fact that things like this make the march even more important:

Go, girls!

People were hopeless:

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