Ehd-e-Wafa had us tearing up as the SSG boys come back to being their true selves!

As Ehd-e-Wafa nears its end, every episode leaves the audience moved! However last night when we saw Shahzain fight for his life and Saad fighting for the country with Shariq and Shehryar being at their absolute best, we couldn’t help but tear up a little!

Shehryar remembering Masooma was everything!

People were living for the women in the drama!

Oof, this scene hit us right in the feels!

People were sharing their favourite bits and pieces from the episode:

But the question is, kya Malik Shahzain waqayi sudhar gaya hai?

People were predicting potential endings:

Biwi ho toh bus Rani jaisi ❤

People were still in awe of the drama:

Major goals:

Haye, Saad 😭

Shariq and Shehryar have to be our favourite too!

Haha, we went for the drama:

I don’t think we’ll ever get over the OST:


People were lauding Ahmed Ali Akbar for his phenomenal acting:

People were also loving Osman Khalid Butt for his performance:

With the promo for the next episode hinting of something dark for Saad, and a new beginning of Shahzain, we just can’t wait for Sunday!

Are you keeping up with Ehd e Wafa? Let us know in the comments below!

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