People were having a field day at Twitter after Instagram and Facebook were down

The netizens were in a state of panic as both Facebook and Instagram were down due to some technical glitches. The hashtags #FacebookDown and #InstagramDown were trending on top 2 at Twitter:

And people were feeling all the feels, some were ranting, some making memes, some beingtthankful and some full panicked!

Oof, this hit us right in the feels!

Lo bhaee!


Some were worried:

Mark Zuckerberg right now:

Everyone on Insta yesterday:

Netflix Zindabad!

Lolol, unka toh itna life kharab ho gaya, itna life kharab ho gaya 😂

That would actually be great!

Utho Anarkali, parhayi kerlo:

Some were glad that it happened:

Why y’alls do this?

Twitter is always there for you:

Hum aisay bhi samajh jayeinge:

Hmm, kya yeh hai woh shakha jiski wajah se Instagram down tha?

Many were panicking:

Hello, it’s me~

This meme though:

Aaja tenu ankhiyan udeek diyan:

Some didn’t even notice it was down:

And back to the circus!

What did you do while Facebook and Instagram were down? Let us know in the comments below!

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