People want #JusticeForSalahuddin and stand in his support for days


Salahuddin, the man in the video that went viral where he was stealing a few cards from the ATM machine and making faces at the CCTV camera was arrested by the Punjab Police. But what came as a shock was the fact that he was tortured to death by the police officials. Salahuddin was a mentally challenged man which was apparent in the clip which went viral and yet the police decided to show no mercy. The hashtags #Salahuddin and #JusticeForSalahuddin have been top trends on Twitter for days now.


The internet has been standing in support of Salahuddin and has been demanding nothing but justice for the poor man:


Clips from an interview from Salahuddin’s mother was shared:


People also shared clips exposing the lies told by IG Punjab and they were absolutely heart breaking:


Heart wrenching scenes of Salahuddin’s father receiving his body were shared:


People shared clips of how Salahuddin’s father came to know about his death via social media:


Beshak, ibrat ka nishan banein:


People were condemning the Gullu Butt violence culture:


People wanted to stop ghunda-gardi of the police:


People also tried reminding PTI officials that Riasat-e-Madina has justice:


People were appalled at the torture:


People are standing for Salahuddin like they would have stood up for themselves:


People are changing their display pictures to that of Salahuddin and are urging others to do the same:


People were ashamed of how the system was running:


Hamza Ali Abbasi stood with Salahuddin:


And also called the inquiry a ‘na khatam honay wali inquiry’:


Nadia Hussain was looking for answers for the brutal killing:


People just want justice for the poor:


Armeena Khan too wants justice for Salahuddin:


Waqar Zaka too came forward in support of Salahuddin:


Following the social media support asking for justice for Salahuddin, an FIR has been lodged against the police officers and an inquiry is to be held:


All we’d like to add is that justice delayed is justice denied and we hope to see justice being served!

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