People think that aliens are here after this smoke ring was spotted in Lahore

Recently, a video started circulating on Twitter that showed a smoke ring floating around Lahore. The rather ominous smoke ring was seen hovering above a ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ billboard. Obviously, people could only come to one conclusion: aliens have landed in Lahore, (perhaps promising a premise for a new movie).

Once the video was shared, a lot of people jumped in to offer explanations or share their two cents.

For instance, one Twitter user pointed out how he’d seen a similar ring in Dubai.

Because we’re Pakistanis and can barely take anything seriously, the jokes began pouring in. Some people believed that aliens can’t land in Pakistan – that’s only in movies made in America and India.

Others joked about Lahori boys blowing smoke rings.


People started getting creative, too.

And since ‘Mere Paas Tum Ho’ managed to get in the frame, a lot of jokes were made on the show’s expense as well.

Others were more welcoming.

However, one Twitter user did share an explanation, halting further speculations. Apparently, the ring of smoke is caused due to some sort of an explosion or perhaps fireworks. Thus ends the mystery.

Regardless, it’s always great to see Pakistani Twitter get creative when such things happen. As for when aliens do land in Lahore, or wherever else, let’s hope we’re better prepared.

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Sajeer Shaikh

Just trying to become a meme.

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