People think teasers for Yeh Dil Mera normalize harassment, Farhat Ishtiaq comes forward to clarify

If you’re an avid Sajal and Ahad then you’d know that Hun TV released the first teaser for their new drama Yeh Dil Mera:

The romantic thriller written Farhat Ishtiaq, features Sajal and Ahad in the lead roles but the teaser has sparked controversy amongst the netizens who thinks it’s extremely problematic:

People found the story line to be toxic:

10 points for the shade!

People were expressing their disappointment with Sajal and Ahad:

Some were curious about the wardrobe design:

A girl came forward to share how workplace harassment is no joke:

People shared how they felt the teaser normalises workplace harassment:

Some reminded how this was criminal offence:

People were pointing out everything wrong in the teaser:

People found uncanny similarities to 50 Shades of Grey:

Okay then…

People were not liking the script at all!

Some just wanted to talk to the design and wardrobe team:

People were appalled:

Even Fifi Haroon was worried about the content:

And while many were pointing out how problematic the teaser seemed, there were a few who thought it was too early to judge the storyline from just one teaser:

People had their trust in Farhat Ishtiaq and her writing:

Some accused others of selective criticism:

Some pointed out how Farhat Isbtiaq’s teasers are misleading:

There were some who were excited:

Many didn’t find it as problematic as others made it seem:

Many came forward to argue that a few seconds weren’t enough to judge:

People also mentioned how there might have been romance budding between the two already:

And the writer Farhat Ishtiaq herself clarified that she will never romanticize rape, harassment or misogyny:

She also promised her fans how she won’t let them down:

What did you think about the teasers? Are you excited for the drama? Let us know in the comments below!

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