Director Jami reveals he was harassed by a media giant

Film maker and director Jami has always spoken in favour of the #MeToo movement and a lot of people have questioned him a hundred times why he supports the movement as much as he does. Jami finally opened up about why the movement means so much to him, because he himself has been a victim to it.

In the wake of people dismissing the #MeToo movement after a teacher from MAO college committed suicide on the allegations of harassment, Jami took to Twitter to support the movement by sharing his own experience:

Jami further shared how the sudden advancements had him shocked and frozen to respond:

Jami then explained how he opened up about the traumatic experience to others, but they laughed it off:

Jami then shared how he resorted to therapy to try and get over the trauma:

Jami then shared how he still hasn’t gathered enough courage to name the culprit:

He then shared how it was due to the lack of support from friends and family that he didn’t have the courage to name the guilty:

He then stressed on the importance of keeping the #MeToo movement going for victims like him and many others:

Jami then shared how the movement gave him a sense of direction and a way to help others suffering:

He ended the thread by calling his confession a suicide:

After Jami ended the thread, the internet came forward to support and stand with Jami:

People thanked him for finally speaking up:

People extended their support and sent prayers his way:

People assured him how it’s never the victim’s fault:

People lauded him for the bravery:

People assured him that he wasn’t alone anymore:

Many urged that he shares the name of the predator:

And while the replies were full of love and support, there was a prime example of why the movement needed to be dealt with seriously:

And Jami made sure he gave him the answer he deserved:

What do you think about the movement being under attack? Let us know in the comments below!

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