People think Karachi crowd was dull at the PSL opening ceremony, but Karachiites beg to differ!

As the much anticipated PSL began in a packed opening ceremony in National Stadium, Karachi, people from other teams were left slightly underwhelmed by the crowd in the stadium.

From what was supposed to blow away the crowds, it seemed like there was barely any noise made by the crowd and the netizens picked up on it quickly:

There were memes all over social media:

Yar 😂

I mean…

People were not coming slow:

Shots were fired:


People were really disappointed:

City wars had already begun:

Itna sasta crowd kahan milta hai?

Some were proud of the crowd:

Umm, the stadium was FULLLL:

Many were suggesting Pindi ka crowd for next time:

Some were not amused:

People wanted the crowd to wake up:

Mute nai karna chahiye tha:

Turns out it was the mics near the crowd were muted for sound control, but the Karachiites came back at the trolls with the most savage replies:

Batao batao?

Some blamed it on the ceremony:




Hahaha, let us live!

The attendees and their videos showed a very different side of the crowd:

You can’t beat our crowd:

Yeh dekh ke toh waqayi disappointing crowd lag raha tha:

Jo baat hai!

People were sharing videos of the crowd and it was insane!

How did you like the opening ceremony? Let us know in the comments below!

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