People Share The Weirdest Things That Happened In Their Class & The Replies Will Make You LOL!

As much as we hated studying, we can’t deny the fact that the best time of our lives was spent in our classrooms, from sleeping during the classes to annoying the teachers, it was sheer gold!

And today netizens are sharing the weirdest things that happened in their classes:

And their replies will leave you in fits!

Haha, you should only say sorry for the things you’re actually sorry for:

Talk about bad timing:

We’ve all been here:


Every science teacher when teaching reproduction:




We stan!

We DONT recommend:

We can’t even 😂



An exam to remember!

We feel ya!

I mean, we all loved hot tea back in the days:

Yar 😨




I can imagine 😂

The kid I’d say miles away from!

I would have passed out too tbvh!

What’s the weirdest thing that happened in your class? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. My teacher ask me that he will give me full marks if i will promise him to give him treat(somosa and pizza)…buri bt to ye huvi k attitude mn men ny nai di…or us ny 12 nmbr kat liye ppr sy😢😂

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