People Just Can’t Get Over Sabaat’s Bitter-sweet Ending!

After weeks of seeing Anaya suffer at the hands of Miraal, Sabaat finally came to a bittersweet end, with happy reunions and lessons learnt.

What started off as a slow paced drama, quickly became a favourite as it picked up pace, and fans have a lot to say about the ending:

It was an ideal ending for many:


People were moved by Dr. Haris’ words:

Haha, we take our dramas very seriously!

Dr. Haris quickly became the favourite husband in the country:



People had reservations on Dr. Haris’ character:

There were lessons learnt:

People loved the way Sabaat handled sensitive issues:

Little Ibrahim won thousands of heart!

The most iconic dialogue!

People were in love with the ending:

People wanted more dramas like Sabaat to be aired:

Haina 😡

No one could have played Miraal better than Sarah Khan:

People were already missing the drama:

Some thought the drama had ended on a weak note:

Plot twist of the year:

How did you like the ending? Let us know in the comments below!

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